Museum for Zoya

Architectural concept of the memorial complex of the Komsomol member Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

Схема генплана

Схема генплана

Place: Moscow oblast, Petrishchevo village.
Status: architecture concept (idea).
For: —
When: 2020.
Architect: Ivan Matveev.

This sketch of the Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya museum in Petrishchevo is my answer to a recently completed project by another bureau. I wrote an article on this topic, where I state my position in detail, it can be found here.

The image and symbolic structure of the museum

  • Old hut.
    • The smell of the past summer (the smell of the grass of the hayloft and the old tree of the hut) — youth has just been here.
    • The path from adolescence to a sudden growing up: adolescence, Komsomol, courses, front.
    • Light breaks through the small windows of the hut, through the cracks in the roof. The cabin gets more and more deformed towards the end of the exhibition — a premonition of the end and the last day – life, concentrated in one day. Ascent to Calvary and execution.
    • Zoey’s Bench goes throughout the last days section.
  • The end of the exposition — an exit from the dark room of the hut into the light — a view of the Zoya monument, to the field. A strong contrast between the calmness of Zoya, standing in the field, and the deformed hut of the museum, with silent windows looking at the place of execution: to emphasize the feat of the girl — overcoming the destructive force of war.
Схема плана основного этажа — основные видовые векторы

Main floor plan scheme — main view vectors

Развитие экспозиции в двух направлениях

Development of the exposition in two directions


The image of the museum is built on the construction of the Russian hut, the cycle of its life — this emphasizes Zoya’s connection with the Russian people, with her land.
Photoes by artist Olga Tolstikova.

Основной вариант фасадов

Main version of facades

Продольный разрез по основной экспозиции

Longitudinal section of the main exhibition

Экстерьер — деформация избы

Exterior — deformation of the hut

Интерьер — свет из окна в тёмной избе, деформирование интерьерного пространства избы

Interior — light from a window in a dark hut, deformation of the interior space of the hut

Интерьер — скамья Зои

Interior — Zoe’s bench

Выход на свет — вариант 1

Going out into the light — option 1

Выход на свет — вариант 2 (основной)

Going out into the light — option 2 (main)