Music festival posters series

Autumn apple garden inspired poster series

Изви­ни­те, этот текст не досту­пен на рус­ском языке.

Project: Music festival posters series.
What: Poster design.
When: 2021.
Design: I. Matveev.

Well I decided to make a series of posters. As far as I needed something to start off, I walked through my autumn garden taking some pictures. First, an apple. Which led me to a phrase accidentally risen: “Yablochny Spas” (Apple Feast of the Saviour, is an Eastern Slavic holiday. The holiday has a pre-Christian origin and is associated with harvesting of ripe fruits, especially apples. In East Slavic folklore, it marks the beginning of autumn and means the transfiguration of nature. Also, it is the second in the cycle of August holidays dedicated to the harvest. It is believed that on this day nature turns from summer to autumn, i.e. it is transformed.

Going further, I decided to make posters mostly using acid colours and strong contrasts. Thus I thought them to be posters of a fictional electronic music festival, and as far as I use Soyuz Grotesk font, I though the festival is taking part in the USSR, if it hasn’t collapsed. So it’s also my reflection on what the design could be in modern USSR, if it remained and developed into some modern open country.

Афиша, в. 1.2. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афи­ша, в. 1.2. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афиша, в. 2.1

Афи­ша, в. 2.1. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.


Афи­ша, в. 2.2. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афиша, в. 3.1. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афи­ша, в. 3.1. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афиша, в. 4.1. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афи­ша, в. 4.1. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афиша, в. 4.2. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афи­ша, в. 4.2. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афиша, в. 5.1. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афи­ша, в. 5.1. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афиша, в. 6.0. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афи­ша, в. 6.0. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афиша, в. 7. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афи­ша, в. 7. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афиша, в. 7. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афи­ша, в. 7. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афиша, в. 7. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.

Афи­ша, в. 7. ©DMTRVK, И. Матвеев.