Object “Gusli” for Archstoyanie festival

Извините, этот текст не доступен на русском языке.

‘Gusli’ object for Archstoyanie festival. ©DMTRVK.

‘Gusli’ object for Archstoyanie festival. ©DMTRVK.

Place: Zvizzhy village, Moscow region.
Status: architectural concept (competition).
For: Archstoyanie .
Date: 2021.
Architects: Ivan Matveev.


A recent sketch for Archstoyanie competition.
Aim of the competition: to create an object which is cheap in construction and could be used by diverse audience, regardless of their disabilities.

Object “Gusli”.

A steel sheet placed on an edge, on which strings-cables are fixed, tuned to certain keys — “gusli” (Russian folk string musical instrument), which can be played by several people at the same time, communicating with each other through music and vibration of space.

Sound is reflected in the forest, it flies to the field, dissolves in space.

The vibration of music is a universal language, it is available to everyone, regardless of their peculiarities.

Through music, sound, vibration, one can convey emotion, mood, sensation — this is the language of the universe, the universal language of the world.

Construction process is simple enough: the main bearing structure are wooden frames (bamboo also could be used instead). Those frames have two fixing belts in the upper part. Between those two, there is a set (“a ribbon”) of fabric triangles, which are put on metal strings (which fasten the upper fixing belt). Those triangles are used to dissolve direct sun rays and also to enforce the convention in the upper belt.