Juliaan Lampens

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Красиво сделанная книжка, см. на issuu:
The Belgian modernist Juliaan Lampens (1926) experimented with the use of raw concrete and created sculpture-like exteriors leading onto open vistas. His architecture goes beyond designs for conventional living and instead suggests a utopian avant-garde of living without barriers. The aim of this publication is to give this small, but highly unusual oeuvre the recognition and the place that it deserves within modernism. The different contributions should make visible the diverse aspects to be found in the work of the architect. Edited by Angelique Campens Design by Thomas Desmet Published by ASA Publishers. With contributions by Angelique Campens, Sara Noel Costa De Araujo, Joseph Grima, Jan Kempenaers, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Francis Strauven



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